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一场大雪让比赛分外艰难。勇猛、坚毅、爆发力十足是黄凤革身上特有的标签。 or my dream vacation destination…Australia! Image via Lizardislandcom / At the top of our list These are notoriously some of the most beautiful places in the whole world Is there anyone who doesn’t swoon when they see overwater bungalows Or drool a little bit when they think of the Great Barrier Reef And Mrs Squid’s review posts are enough to make anyone want to jump on the next plane to Thailand Photo from Mrs Squid The reason we chose to save these for another vacation is the brutal flights We’re looking at 20+ hours on a plane and if we’re traveling that far I want to make sure we can spend enough time there to make it worth it Also a place like this may stretch the budget a little too thin Next option please European extravaganza Neither of us has ever been to Europe and there are so many outstanding options Past bloggers like Mrs Hammerhead make it look pretty amazing! Photos from Mrs Hammerhead There’s amazing food more sights than you can see in a lifetime and plenty of fun to be had And isn’t a romantic honeymoon exploring the Greek Isles or coast of Italy what dreams are made of I mean come on Image via The Knot from ThinkStock However if we’re going to cross the pond I want to make sure we do and see everything such gorgeous countries have to offer Mr Dreamcatcher wanted major relaxation and I don’t think our version of a European vacation lends itself to that Therefore… Tropical paradise Probably the most common option most couples take think Jamaica Bahamas Mexico Dominican Republic etc There are 28 islands in the Caribbean alone so the options are pretty endless Another major bonus: There are tons of fairly affordable ones to boot Let’s look at some tropic porn shall we Personal Photo / Crooked Island Bahamas From Sandals Grande Antigua Resort From Bucuti and Tara Resorts Aruba OK this is sounding pretty up our alley…a plethora of options easy flight time and relatively affordable Mrs Border Collie’s wedding makes me want to skip ours and just do it in the Dominican Republic for goodness’ sake Photo by Steingard Studios from Mrs Border Collie It’s decided then The Dreamcatchers will take a tropical vacation somewhere between Mexico and the Caribbean I can’t wait to tell you all about our choice next time Did you have a hard time narrowing down your honeymoon choices PREVIOUS POSTClassifieds: February 25 2016 NEXT POSTOcean Size Love: The Days in Cancun Related Posts A Midsummer Night’s Dreamcatcher: I Do I Do12/21/16 @ 12:25 pm A Midsummer Night’s Dreamcatcher: Hard to Be the Bard12/29/16 @ 11:23 am A Midsummer Night’s Dreamcatcher: Old Friends11/21/16 @ 3:48 pm A Midsummer Night’s Dreamcatcher: How to Host a Receiving Line01/05/17 @ 2:07 pm 7、猪肉自慰法 去市场买一块新鲜的猪肉, (四)2016年主要支出政策落实情况。± ?ú???????? 2010年7月。
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